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Sinoglow Industrial Co., Limited is a very few glow stick factories that does has ability to manufacture high brightness glow sticks with long lasting and high shelf life. We are primarily known for producing high quality, export premium grade glow sticks. We have many satisfied glow stick importers, glow stick wholesalers, glow stick suppliers & glowstick distributors worldwide. As experienced chemical glow maker experts, we pride ourselves in possession of latest fluorescent technology. Our industrial 12 hour fluorescent glow sticks is stable light output with non-toxic and non-flammable ingredients. All of Sinoglow chemical light uses Omniglow's formula and comply with EN71, ASTM F963-03, CPSIA and AS/NZS ISO 8124 safety standards.

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Why Sinoglow?
Premium grade glow sticks which are brightest & longest lasting in the industry.
Complete OEM service and customer logo package each batch of goods.
ISO 9001
glow stick manufacturer. Manufacturing high quality glow stick experience over 20 years.

Our strategic intent:
Looking for partners from local leading glow stick distributors & wholesalers.
Need of quality customer segments around the world.

Sinoglow premium quality
glow stick are not the same quality as what you can buy the poor quality ones at,,, and other China B2B business sites.
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Sinoglow was formed to provide cost-effective, highly reliable party glowsticks, glow bracelet, glow necklace, industrial grade safety glow sticks and 24/48 hours commercial fishing lightsticks.

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