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6" Glow Sticks


6" Glow Sticks (150mm x 15mm)

We provide party premium 6" glow sticks and ultra bright 6" glow sticks, also safety 6" glow sticks and etc. After activated, the glow sticks will glow for a minimum of 12 hours high light output and then diminish over the remaining 24 hours.

1. Certificate: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, AS/NZS ISO 8124, SGS, CID and RoHS.           
2. Quality:
Premium grade, Ultra bright and Safety lightstick.
3. Shelf life: 3-4 years.

4. Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Purple, White, Aqua
1. High initial glow brightness.
2. Long lasting glow duration.
3. High shelf life.
4. 9 Colors are available.
5. Custom design & OEM service available.

We current provide more three kinds chemical liquid formulations for the different buyers around world.
Party premium 6" glow sticks is the previous traditional formula for the price priority customers.
Ultra bright 6" glow sticks are now very popular in the past years. Ultra bright 6" glow sticks are economial industrial grade glowsticks. They are major selling in the markets of Western countries.
Safety 6" light sticks are the saturated concentration industrial glow sticks for safety, military and other industry uses.
Firework 6" glow sticks are the minutes glowing 6" glowsticks with extreme brightness which whole energy emits within several minutes.

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