Chemical Light Sticks for Commmercial Fishing and Longline Fishing Lightsticks

Chemical Light Sticks for Commercial Fishing,
Deep Sea Fishing, Longline Fishing and Saltwater Fishing.

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Chemical light sticks for commercial fishing

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Light Sticks or Glow Sticks for Fishing

1. 4 inch and 6 inch chemical light sticks with clip on style and hook/hole style:

- 4" Lightstick (11mm) - Packing: 100pcs of lightsticks/bag, 4 inner boxes/carton, 2000pcs/carton.

- 6" Lightstick (12mm) - Packing: 100pcs of lightsticks/bag, 4 inner boxes/carton, 2000pcs/carton.

- 6" Lightstick (15mm) - Packing: 100pcs of lightsticks/bag, 2 inner boxes/carton, 1000pcs/carton.

2. Quality: high intensity 48 hours (2 days) of commercial fishing formulations.
3. Shelf life: 4 years.
4. Color: green,  blue,  pink and white.


Commercial light sticks for fishing
Longline fishing is a boat, hook, lines, and more lightsticks more fish for commercial fishermen. Lightsticks can be used for trolling for tuna an swordfish. Because glowsticks are useful at atracting deep sea fish to the baited hooks.

Commercial fishing Lightsticks
Longline light sticks are necesssary to fishermen’s supplies, longline fishing supplies, commercial marine supplies, importers of commercial fishing gear, longline fishing equipments.

Lightsticks for commercial fishing
Commercial fishing lightsticks are great for wholesale tuna fishery companies caught fish, bluefin, yellowfin tuna and swordfish. Using long line fishing method in the deep sea. including to commercial fishing fleets, longline fishing vessels, deep sea commercial boats, ocean vessels and marine companies.

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is the sportfishing industry's trade association, committed to looking out for the interests of the entire sportfishing community.We, Sinoglow is one of ASA members and also be a first hand supplier, supply the professional commercial fishing light sticks, fishing glow sticks and commercial fishing strobe lights at wholesale prices. The longest lasting & brightest light output is separated from other competitors.

Fishing glowstick factory

Longline Fishing Glowsticks or Commercial Lightsticks

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Longest Lasting Fishing Light Sticks

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