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LED Party Supplies

At Sinoglow, we manufacture LED party supplies to add fun to any party event. We have in stock a wide range of glow products that come in different sizes and designs. With the wide range of products to choose from, party planners end up with a great selection of fun party props for their events.

Our products are of good quality and they will therefore not disappoint. As they are reliable party items, party goers end up getting real value from them. The glow lasts long with up to 12 hours of service from activation. For any glow in the dark party event, this is good news as the props will keep the fun going for a long time.

The LED party supplies do not just glow for long; they also emit a bright steady glow. This just shows their great quality. We use the latest in glow technology in the manufacture of all our products. This is what adds to their reliability as the go-to LED party items for any event. Our manufacturing processes ensure the production of high grade products.

Safety is at the core of all our products and we are compliant with various safety standards. We also have ISO certification. All our efforts are to ensure that all the party products that we manufacture and supply do not cause any harm to users in any way. Safety is one of the many guarantees that come with our products.

For over 21 years, we have been manufacturing and supplying our glow products to distributors, wholesalers and suppliers from all over the world. From our products, users can expect:

  • High quality
  • Long lasting glow
  • Safety
  • Bright steady glow
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reliability

At Sinoglow, we focus on quality so that users of our products end up with great parties. We have in stock a wide range of products that include:

  • Glow sticks of different sizes and length
  • Glow accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and eye glasses
  • Glow beach ball
  • Glow tiaras and wands with different designs
  • Glow masks
  • Glow weapons that include swords, axes, tridents and sticks

Our stocks also include value packs with assorted party items. We offer favourable terms that enable our products to reach all corners of the globe. Therefore, with quality, safety and affordability, users get good value for their money when they use our glow products.

Contact us today and join other global importers and suppliers of LED party products.

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