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Your one-stop destination for all things glow in the dark products. Sinoglow carries the full range of glow sticks and light-up items, including all styles/models, colors, sizes, and all versions of chemical light in different industries on the market.

What We Do

We manufacture and sell various types of glow products and light-up LED lights. We also provide full transportation, customs clearance, and local courier and trucking services to our customers. Consumers have the option to directly purchase glow in the dark items from the manufacturer’s website.


If you place an order online, the price shown online is final. Our customers are not charged any additional fees by customs or shipping companies.

Commitment to Quality

At Sinoglow.com, we take pride in offering only the highest quality light sticks. Our products are carefully curated to ensure a mesmerizing and long-lasting glow, creating unforgettable moments for our customers. Product quality is always the first choice for us. With over 26 years of experience selling eco friendly glow sticks, we understand very well what is the consumer’s concern.


Sinoglow.com is a leading provider of premium light sticks and glow sticks, dedicated to bringing an extra layer of excitement to your events. With a passion for vibrant and luminous accessories, we have established ourselves as the go-to destination for those looking to enhance their celebrations.

  • 1998 – China Bright Industry Co., Ltd. (Exported by Jiangsu Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corp.)
  • 2004 – Nanjing Mingde Arts & Crafts Industrial Co., Ltd. (Invested by Midland Imports, U.K.)
  • 2005 – Nanjing Sinoglow Arts & Crafts Industrial Co., Ltd. (Exported by High Hope Int’l Group Jiangsu Woollen Knit & Garmtex IMP. & EXP. Corp. Ltd.)
  • 2006 – Sinoglow Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 2018 – Sinoglow Inc. (Present)

We Service

  1. Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) services family, school, and general public customers.
  2. FOB, CIF, and DDP export terms business for importers and distributors.
  3. Customized Product Development, we are passionate about providing you for the OEM production of your glow in the dark products.

Explore Our Range at Sinogow.com

Discover a diverse range of glow sticks at Sinoglow.com. Whether you’re planning a party, concert, or special event, our products are designed to add a vibrant and luminous touch to any occasion. Explore our catalog and find the perfect accessories for your celebrations.

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Glow Products Wholesale

Sinoglow boasts a wide selection of high-quality glow products, glow in the dark bracelets, glow necklaces, party LED lights, and light-up toys, etc. Additionally, Sinoglow offers customization services for chemical lights in vibrant 9 solid colors, along with long-lasting military light sticks that have undergone SGS inspection (required CID tests as per military standards for MOD).

If you’re ready to start planning your glow party or improving your glow stick industry wholesale, please choose us at Sinoglow.com. We will always strive to provide the freshest glow in the dark products at factory direct pricing.